Days 6 & 7 – from a teen’s perspective…

Well, maybe it’s obvious that I didn’t come up with the title. But she’s right, its my turn! Now you get to know all the things that you wouldn’t otherwise get to.

Starting with day six. We started the day in The Bonneville Salt Flats, that you already know holds world records, so I don’t get to tell you that. All we did that morning was get up and drive…that’s all I really remember, the last few days have been a blur. Well anyway, we drove, and drove, and drove on some of the worst roads we had EVER been on in all of our lives,( and that’s A LOT of years) so, we were ALL on edge! Since Nation and I got bored, we decided to keep ourselves busy with tickling, running around the camper like maniacs,(until we got busted, then we had to sit down and buckle up!), I read and knitted, and Nation played on his iPod. Once, thank goodness it wasn’t more, we almost got run off the road by a carnie. If my father wasn’t such a great driver, then half of our camper would be gone right now. So that made our uneasiness worse. After many, many, long curvy roads, and hours of,’UGGGGGG’ing, we finally made it to our destination, Tahoe City. The night was very relaxing, thank you Jesus. We got to park next to a golf course, on a back road, so it was very quiet.

IMG_9064.1            IMG_9080          IMG_9118.1

Day 7- The next day, we got to walk around, which was great for our butts thanks to the previous day. We had to walk about a block to get to the visitors center, which, as a matter of fact, was less then a block from Lake Tahoe. When we walked down to the shore, Nation and I found the biggest pine cones the we had ever seen. It blew our minds, so we got to take them with. SCORE!


When we got back, it was time to leave. Driving from Tahoe City to Placerville reminded me a lot of home. Tons of trees. When we were driving by a different side of Lake Tahoe, there was this road I will never forget it: it was going down hill, but it had no sides, so it looked like you were going to fall off the face if the earth! Sadly, we didn’t get a picture. Most of the rest of the day was driving, and the most memorable parts, which were not that interesting were,” How many more miles?” and the answer,” 29″. But that was just from town to town, not to our REAL destination. So we had a lot more miles then I thought we had. My favorite part of the mountain drive was when we got to a town, if you blinked, you missed it. One of the signs said,

“Welcome to Kyburz”, then under it,

“Now leaving Kyburz”, on the same sign! It was the funniest thing on this trip!

To end my post, we got to our destination. That was the best part. We got to stand up!

Thank you for reading, hope you liked it, if you did please comment. We will post again soon. Sincerely, Justice Theis, the teen that likes spending time with her family.

8 thoughts on “Days 6 & 7 – from a teen’s perspective…

  1. I am so anxious to hear about all your adventures! We homeschool and I have always wanted to travel around the country the way your family is doing. I will be living vicariously through you =).

  2. Great writing oh young teen. Still giggling – thanks for the smiles. It’s your job to hug everyone for us. Safe travels today.

  3. This was a wonderful post! You did an awesome job Justice! I love the entire idea of you all having this blog to share with everyone! I will definitely do my best to keep up with you all in this wonderful God directed adventure!

  4. Hi justice I hope you are having a great time and I was not sure if you got my email but my mom is having a GIRL!!!!!! 😊 And we are moving in less than a month !!! I hope you are having lots of fun!!!!!! Mallory 😊

  5. Justice and all: Enjoy following you through your blogs. Sounds like the teen who likes her family is having the time of her life! Like I said, I’m jealous! Enjoy your adventure and time together.

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