Catching up.  We feel like we have been

Catching up.  We feel like we have been moving non stop for the last couple of weeks.  Please  forgive us for such a long post!


Day 13 We biked into town from the state park at Morrow Bay and walked around the shops, where the kids bought some sea shells. There was a great little aquarium that contained several seal lions and a seal, and the kids were able to buy fish to feed them.  Nation spotted several star fish near the boardwalk.  We then drove down the coast a bit to Montana De Oro state park, where we found a great little cove and the kids spent time collecting shells and sand dollars, and Nation found a sea urchin! We enjoyed the treasure hunt.


IMG_9424.1   IMG_9412    IMG_9447.1IMG_9480.1

Day 14 Jacin was up early and went in to do some laundry while Danielle and the kids cleaned the camper. Then we thought we should wander north on the coast a bit. We stopped at a town called Harmony, population 18. It’s neat to imagine when it was the only stop on the way for travelers. Now it has a couple of shops with pottery and glass blowing. We treated the kids to Iron Man 3 at a great little small town theater in Morro Bay, then back to camp for dinner.


Day 15 Time to head down the coast to Carpinterea, home to our friends Matt and Sarah’s family. Sarah lives there now and hooked us up with a free spot to park in front of her grandma’s house, located on a great dead-end street with the friendliest neighbors you will ever meet. With a short 7-block walk to the beach and a great downtown, Carpenteria has that small town feel, even though it’s only a few miles from Santa Barbra.

Day 16 Lazy Day! We took our time getting moving and took advantage of the free washer and dryer. We even ate out for lunch and treated ourselves to gluten-free pizza (a special treat for Danielle, who doesn’t have pizza often).

Day 17 Moving again, this time to Oxnard to a dear friend, Laura Monica, founder of WholyFit. The Monica’s let us park at their house in the Channel Islands, directly over the channel with a view of the neighborhood boats. What a great place to stay! Were treated like old friends, even though it was the first time Jacin and the kids had met the family.

IMG_9524    IMG_9526    IMG_9538

Day 18 Mothers Day. Jacin and the kids went to church with Chris, while Danielle and Laura cooked and kayaked. We spent the afternoon with Laura’s parents, and then it was off to Long Beach to see Danielle’s sister Jessi. Even on Sunday we dove in 14 lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Jacin’s first experience with L.A. traffic was in 36-foot motorhome, pulling a pickup. Nothing like learning the hard way. We made it safe and sound, and the RV park (complements of Jessi) was nestled between the ocean and high-rises. Wow! It was truly a blessing to have full hookups, as we have boondocked until today!


Day 19 Went to Jessi’s to help her set up her new shop. She received some new equipment today and has a photo shoot tomorrow, so there is a lot to set up and organize. We worked until 10:00 pm. Long day, but her shop is sweet!

Day 20 Went to Jessi’s to finish some painting and cleaning. Left just in time for photographers to arrive. Jacin and the kids went swimming and visited with Dave, Roxie, and Ben Devries (Jacin’s family in for Adam Titze’s wedding) while Danielle worked and studied. Drove around Long Beach a bit to get groceries. Long Beach is great! It feels smaller than some areas, and traffic is not even bad.

Day 21 Went to Jessi’s to weld our bike rack. It wasn’t designed for the miles we are putting on. We all then biked south on Long Beach, enjoying the view of the oil platforms disguised as islands. Nice. Oh, and the Queen Mary ship is docked there. It’s huge! Jacin and the kids watched a movie and relaxed to end the day, while Danielle worked.


Day 22 Jessi came to camp, and we all piled in the truck to scope out our upcoming camp in the Malibu hills. Jessi set  us up with a spot through a friend who has an empty lot. It has a bit tight of a road, but was in a beautiful location. Four miles from interstate traffic, it was quiet and had that lost-in-the-mountains feeling. Crossed over to find the wedding location, and stopped at the famous Neptune’s Net for lunch. Neat to see, and the food was better than expected. (You can have your food steamed instead of fried if you like.) We then took the kids to Hollywood Boulevard to see the crazies. We stopped at the Chinese Theater, which Nation loved as we had just seen it in Iron Man 3. He even got to sit and have a photo with Robert Downey Jr’s star, as well as Jackie Chan’s. We dropped Danielle at LAX for her flight to Denver (for her QEST class in Fort Collins, Colorado). Jessi joined us at camp for dinner and a movie. We were pretty worn out, but excited about seeing so much.

IMG_9589    IMG_9582

Day 23 Jacin and the kids packed up and headed to Thousand Oaks.  Justice is becoming quite the navigator.  They got set up on the lot Jessi set up for us.  Before we knew it, Serg, a neighbor, was knocking at our door asking why we were on his lot.  Oops!  We had apparently parked too far back on the lot.  He ended up being very cool about it, filled us in on great sites to see in the area, and even invited us up for a visit to his house (mansion) later.  We basically veged that night, enjoying the peaceful beauty of the mountains.


Day 24 We took our time getting ready for the day.  Justice slept until 9:00 – there have been too many late nights coupled with early mornings and endless activities for her growing body to handle.  Realizing that the attire for the wedding was “cocktail”, we headed to town to find something to wear that wouldn’t make us stand out like the hilbilly relatives we can be easily identified as.  Jacin’s love for Chick-fil-A lead the family to the local restaurant, and the kids loved the food (as well as the “eat mor chikin” toy cow that came with the meal).  Nation enjoyed the Rolls-Royce/Masarati dealer accross the street.  Quick stop at the post office to mail some of Justice’s postcards, the off to the wedding.  It was beautiful, with a broad view of the Pacific.  We had fun dancing and visiting with family.

IMG_9707        IMG_9731            IMG_9787

Day 25  Up early to move the RV to the La Mirada Camping World parking lot.  Thankfully traffic was light.  Spent the day with the Titze’s (wedding party and family) at Santa Monica Pier.  The long day called for a quick dinner, and Jessi came by to hang out at the RV.


Day 26  Had to get kids moving to run to LAX to pick up Danielle.  Struggled with an ant infestation, which had the kids freaking out.  Nothing a good shot of healthy chemicals can’t handle!  Hit a laudromat, and Danielle took advantage of the free wi-fi in order to get some work done.  The girls went shopping with Jessi the rest of the afternoon, while Jacin and Nation hit a model store (cars, not girls).  Another late night.

Day 27  Time to head farther south, to El Cajon.  Jessi hooked us up with yet another friend to store the RV while we are in Tijuana.  We found a campsite for the night close to Greg’s house so that we could work (free wi-fi), enjoy long showers (out of water on the trip down, so no bathing this morning), and clean the RV up a bit before leaving.  We packed everything we thought we might need in Tijuana.  Jacin watched the kids swim while Danielle worked (late, since communication and wi-fi will be limited in Mexico).

Day 28  Up early to get the RV to Greg’s.  What an awesome guy!  After securing everything, we headed to the border.  Crossing was easy, and Jacin’s memory and human-compass abilities took us straight to the Puente de Amistad base (with only a few gasps from Danielle due to the “optional” stop signs).  We met Dave and Toni, new additions to the base, and were filled in on needs that can be met.  After unpacking and getting settled, Jacin helped Marcial (the base’s project manager and juan-of-all-trades) install a “new” washer/dryer in the shop since the one in the base died.  We attended Wednesday night church at the Cruisin’ for Jesus ministry (a sweet chapel/ car shop), alongside a 60s Lincoln and an old Mustang.  A Master’s Commission group from Oregon, staying at Puente, gave the service.  Great sermon, Audrey!

Day 29  Everyone but Jacin slept in, and even then he missed the construction materials run with Marcial.  Jacin started some work on a puppet trailer he bug-bombed yesterday, and Nation started sorting through the contents.  He found a puppet to match nearly everyone on base.  Jacin helped Marcial build trusses for an upcoming project, while Justice and Danielle cleaned and organized various rooms of the base.  After lunch, we headed to the Dibujando una sonrisa Orphange.  The resident children watched the Oregon group’s presentation intently, enjoying  laughs from the silly skits.  The Oregon group was quick to let Nation particiate.  We played with the children and their new toys (bubbles, crayons, coloring books, and stuffed animals), and arranged a painting project for our family to work on in the next couple of days.  There are enough projects already to last a month.  We stopped at Bodega Aurrera (a green, yellow, and red Walmart) for groceries.  We had a quiet dinner to ourselves.  Jacin finished the dryer project, then walked with Danielle to buy Horchatas for the kids (a delicious, creamy, cinnamony treat).  We’ve officially updated the blog and are headed to bed.  Will try to upload pictures tomorrow (and keep up with daily postings!!!).

Thank you all for your prayers and support!

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