Day 30 – Our first birthday on the road…

It’s official!  It’s May 24th, Jacin’s 41st birthday!  We celebrated by eating from local taco stands in Tijuana for two meals, and then horchata (and a complimentary ice cream) for dessert.  And the highlight was a fantastic traditional birthday song sung by Marcial (not Happy Birthday, aka Feliz Cumpleanos), who surprised us with his heavenly voice.  Truly an unforgettable birthday!


It was another full day of work.  Jacin helped Marcial finish the trusses for two upcoming building projects, as well as begin measuring and planning for a few projects on base.  The kids and I worked on cleaning out a trailer that is stocked full of puppets, clown costumes, and various games to be used in outreach in local neighborhoods.  The trailer was a donation from another ministry and has sat unused for a few years, so there is much cleaning and organizing to be done.  We anticipate another full day tomorrow of just trailer work.  Over lunch, we were able to practice our Spanish with Marcial.  He is so patient and understanding, which allows us to ask questions that we may not otherwise attempt.

We also had an exciting adventure with the policia.  We were pulled over for looking suspicious, for lack of a better explanation.  Thank the Lord we had Marcial with us!  They asked so many questions, there is no way we could have possibly figured out how to handle it.  The policia patrol the local neighborhood, and they were not yet used to seeing our truck coming and going.  They eventually gave us (Marcial) a direct phone number for the Puente base to call if ever they had any trouble.  I think my elevated heart rate burned off at least one taco!

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