Day 35, May 29

Buenos Dias!  Today was a busy day.  Jacin was in the kitchen by 5:30, before Amalia even arrived (which is difficult to do!).  He helped with breakfast and lunch preparations, and the kids and I slept in yet again.  They are growing and need their rest, so I am more than willing to let them have it.  However, I am not sure what my excuse is.  There is only one way to grow at my age, and I am not interested, thank you very much!

We met the women and children from the Georgia group at the Dibujando orphanage to play with the kids before they headed off to their afternoon schooling.  After lunch, we returned to the orphanage to paint the dining room and kitchen.  We were thankful to have the Georgia women with us, because we would not have finished today without their help.  We are all pretty tired, but we plan to attend the Cruisin’ for Jesus service tonight as we did last week.  We absolutely love the guys there and want to support them any way we can.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers.  We are truly blessed to be seeing the inner workings of the ministry here at Puente de Amistad, and we are just praying that God will use us where he needs us.  We truly don’t know how long we will be here, and honestly we could stay forever and never feel like we’ve done enough.  But God knows, and we are trusting him with our time and finances.

Dios les Vendiga (God bless you all)!

One thought on “Day 35, May 29

  1. I enjoy reading about your adventures. We would like to send you money for the concrete work from mom and dad’s estate account. Let me know how I can get it to you. Check, money order or other?

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