A bit of a break

Day  44  Friday June 7  This was a day of base projects. I crawled into the attic before it was hot to check the exhaust fan squeak. No fan!  up to the roof, and there it was. The fan squeaks so much, Amalia doesn’t use it in the kitchen. I found the bearings really needed oil, and the belt was slipping and really dry rotted. Marcial took me to the to store to get a belt, and I lubbed the bearings. Sounds great now. Then on to Kathy’s awning. I made the frames and painted them. The group came bake, and Kathy asked if I would drive so she could work on administrative duties. SO we as a family were able to go to the market, and then to the beach. this beach is at the border, so we played in the water at the fence. Weird to see the fence just end in the water.IMG_0148  IMG_0162

Day 45 Saturday June 8 We were up early to cross the border. We need to move our camper. Greg was gracious and let us park there for free, including the Memorial Day holiday. This was a blessing, as there was no storage anywhere for the holiday. He has work to do and need it moved. We were blessed again to find Oka Creek Rv  Resort just up the road to the easy of El Cajon. This means not having to drive into San Diego traffic, nor back out when we leave. As we will be headed east, it is already headed the right direction. We got back to base early afternoon. We had planned to let Nation play with Angel again, but going to the states shortened the day. We made up for it by taking Amaliea and her daughter, and Angel to ice cream!  Then the kids had a water ballon fight. It was so great to see them laughing and having a great time, even through the language barrier. Danielle worked the rest of the day, and I worked on the puppet trailer. We plan to use it this Thursday, so I need to get the final details done. We did run to the store for chicken, so we could make a familiar dish for dinner.

Day 46 Sunday June 9 I got up and worked on the awning for the base office. All the parts were dry, so I installed it. It looks pretty good, as we used the same roofing material as the base. They had some extra on hand. Then more time on the trailer, getting latches installed. Danielle worked again. The two new teams arrived, and I ran to check on the concrete project as Casa Hogar Sion. They have the fill dirt in, a pipe moved, and the fence out of the way. It looks awesome. We plan to pour next Saturday. The toddlers will have a nice new flat concrete pad to crawl and walk on!!


Day 47 Monday June 10 We had a HUGE day today The Journey church from near Des Moines has committed to a house and church, with only 6 people!! Dave and I are helping, and Danielle and the kids will be there to paint. Fortunaly, the team from Lifehouse church (also near Des Moines) came to help paint and frame for the first day. What a blessing that was. It was hot and we had a lot to do, but we made it to installing the floor for the house, and have the roof framed on the church. This is great, as it is really stuff that doesn’t happen until the second day. We are all tired, but excited about the progress. Praying for the same tomorrow.


Blessing to you all, Jacin

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