Day 94 – Village Creek State Park, Lumberton, TX

We interrupt this message for a quick update on Day 93:

We had the most incredible, helpful tire angel at blowout #2.  He saved us $400 over taking the RV to the nearest Camping World, and he also gave us very useful information (although telling us all the tires need replacing is not happy information, it is need-to-know info).  Thank you, Gustavo!  We arrived in Lumberton roughly 3 hours after we intended, and our GPS (and phones) routed us to the wrong place.  So, when we finally checked in and picked a spot, it was already getting dark.  Jacin worked at getting the RV ready for the night, only to have our spare cell phone slip underneath the slide out, the pressure of from which was apparently the last straw for the hydraulic pump.  After 20 minutes of “If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and dial again,” he was able to free the cell phone from its tomb.  We are happy to report that the cell phone survived, but we were stuck with the slide half-out, and unable to run anything on the hydraulic line (both slides and the levelers).  We tried dinking with it in the dark, but finally decided to wait until sunlight.

Day 94 – Needless to say, my poor husband was up most of the night trying to think through how to get us out of our most recent mess.  Before any of us was awake, he had the propane tank fixed and was digging into the hydraulic pump.  We replaced one of the solenoids, but to no avail.  We were able to manually retract the living room slide, so at least we can drive to New Orleans tomorrow and hopefully find a reputable person to help us get everything back in working order on Monday.  So, after hours spent running to parts stores and rolling around in the gravel, we quickly grabbed some groceries, had a quick bite, then headed out for a hike.  It was 1 mile to the swimming area of the state park, so we ventured off down the path.  Justice found the ittiest, bittiest, cutest little frog along the river, so of course brought him along to be her hiking buddy.

IMG_2477  IMG_2479  IMG_2487  IMG_2480

When we finally made it to the swimming beach, we were all drenched in sweat.  And I am not kidding when I say drenched.  Every layer of clothing, soaked.  Justice and I excitedly headed into the water, fully clothed, only to find that the water was the same temperature as our hot bodies.  So, without good reason to jump in, we chased some more baby frogs, then headed back to camp.  We all took cold showers then settled in for a dinner of ice cream (which sounded like a good idea at the time, but our tummies are complaining now) and a quick episode of “Chuck.”  We are calling it quits early tonight in an attempt to catch up on some sleep after a restless night last night.  We are praying for safe travels tomorrow with no hiccups, and God’s hand in finding us the right parts and the right repair person on Monday.  We miss you all!  Thank you for your continued support!

PS – A BIG happy birthday to both Jessi and Austin today!

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