Dallas Fun through Day 153

Day 147 – Wed, Sept 18 – The kids and I went with our homeschool group to the International Museum of Cultures.  We had a tour guide who had lived among several different tribes in her life, and she was a wealth of information.  The museum had several rooms, each dedicated to one or a few tribes from a certain region from the world, with various clothing, tools, weapons, etc, on display.  We enjoyed the Native American room, where there was a picture of a buffalo in Custer State Park (ah, home!).  We all walked away learning something new and fascinating.  We expected to find a new phone to replace Jacin’s malfunctioning iPhone, still under warranty, but it was nowhere to be found (even though FedEx claimed to have left it at our front door).  Hopefully we’ll find it in the front office tomorrow.

IMG_0327              IMG_0321

Nation’s next project – the three-pointed spear?

Day 148 – The office did not have Jacin’s phone, so I began preparing little notes to tape on our neighbor’s RVs.  While getting ready to hang the second notice, I found the phone tucked way under the rear door step of our neighbor two sites away.  I was relieved to find it.  Now we have the challenge of figuring out how to transfer everything form the old phone to the new one.  The day ended with a heavy rain storm that began as soon as Jacin was putting on his helmet to ride home.  He was soaked and cold when he got home.

Day 150, Sat, Sept 21 – The kids and I headed to the AW Perry Homestead museum for a modern homesteading session.  The kids got to make candles, and they had their hand at hand-quilting.  After the event, Justice went out to lunch with an intern from church, and I took Nation to the Red Bull Flugtag event, as suggested by my sis.  We watched as several homemade contraptions were launched off of a ramp in an attempt to “fly” farther than the others.  Our favorite was the flying port-a-potty!


IMG_0329  IMG_3035


We attended church on Sunday (awesome as usual), and then I buckled down to work as the kiddos read their books (also awesome!!).  Our week so far has just included school and work, and several hours of continuing education for my CPA certification.  I am behind, even after being granted an extension of time, and trying to catch up.  Procrastination never pays. 😦

Blessings to you all, until next time!

3 thoughts on “Dallas Fun through Day 153

  1. We just found your blog. We were a hmsc family of 6 children but all have left home but the last on who is 17. She is in 11th grade and we are RV’ing fulltime as of July of this year. We are in the northeast right now, getting ready to go on down to Florida. Hope to go west to Tx at some point. it will be fun to read of your adventures. Thanks for blogging so we have the opportunity.

    • Hello, fellow travelers! It is great to “meet” another homeschool family that has jumped into full-timing. It was been quite an adventure for us so far, and I am sure you’ve had your share of excitement as well. Blessings on your travel, and I look forward to hearing from you again!

      • We look forward to hearing from you too.. Keep in touch and if we are close to each other, we will meet up.. Thanks and safe travels to you…
        How long will you be in Texas and where to after that? Any plans?

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