Enjoying the Gulf Coast

Day 209

I went to ask one of the guys in the park about the rod we got for Nation to fish from the shore. He told me it was great and then invited me to go out on the Gulf with him in his boat. That was too good to pass up. Fishing from a boat here and seeing the bayou sounded great. We headed to Fort Fouchon to a public dock, and the took a few channels past the port to the mouth of the Gulf. The water to was rough, so we stayed behind a rock barrier, and watched the waves crash so big that they would spray up and over the barrier toward us. We spent the better part of the day trolling along the rocks, watching the supply ships go by (within 100s of feet), and enjoying the water. It was cool and we did get rained and sprinkled on, but it was nice to be out on the water. We were looking for Reds ( Red Drum) which are a super fun, fighting fish. They can get as big as 60 inches, but we have been catching them from 25 to 40″.  Cleaning them is a chore, even though we only fillet the, the scales are like armor.

IMG_3869 IMG_3877 IMG_3883 IMG_3900 IMG_3912 IMG_3914

Day 210

Danielle and I have been running every morning, but yesterday and today, the wind on the beach was too cold. So we took our time getting moving, an then took the kids to the library. Justice has been reading a book a day, and Nation is not far behind. We actually have to make them  stop reading to get them  to bed. Not the worst problem a parent could have. We also rented the History Channel’s “The Louisiana Purchase”. It was great to watch when we could actually discuss places we have been through. It makes history come alive.

Day 211

Another cold day. The storm up north have caused the weather here to be cooler than usual. Each day now is supposed to warm up. I went to the dock at the east end of the island, and checked on work. Not sure what will come about, but I am still hoping that the shrimp boat of a guy I worked with in Dallas works out, or the neighbors next to the campground will have work. They came here 30 years ago for a short job, and have been working with oil companies and the local government  ever since. Danielle and the kids are back on work and school schedules, so it is great to see them getting settled.

Day 212

The kids and I cleaned the Laundry/common room at the campground, as we are all celebrating together for Thanksgiving. One couple BBQ’d a turkey, and everyone else filled in with traditional food. We had a great meal and visit, and learned a lot about the local history. The cotton, slave and pirate history is exciting  for us farm  folk….

We walked to the beach for a Thanksgiving Day family photo.


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