We are the Theis family: Jacin, Danielle, Justice, and Nation. We are on a traveling adventure in our RV, taking our businesses and homeschooling with us while we explore the US. We intend to learn much about the history of the United States, each other, ourselves, and God as we step out in faith and do what we believe he has called us to do. Please visit often to learn more about our experiences. We covet your prayers.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Super fun adventure guys!! If you get near Florida we will fly over or you can park the RV for a few days and come swim with the dolphins and enjoy a fun sub ride! Enjoy your trip and keep those posts coming! Curacao regards, Barry and Aimee

  2. Hi gang! I love your New Orleans adventures! The photos are amazing, especially the sunrise/sunset ones and of course the dolphins! The food sounds amazing. I drove through that area one time on the way from NM to FL, but only had time for short meals. As you said even the food in the gas stations was amazing! What stories you all have to tell. Love to hear them. Keep it up, makes us feel closer to you. Hugs to you all, and I think we need a special photo of Danielle and her Ewok!

  3. Hi guys, loving your adventures and stories! Keep it up and keep in contact. It makes us feel closer to you to read and see your photos. Hugs to you all. We need a photo of Danielle and her new Ewok! Great job kids!

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